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“We live in Kinellar and for the last 8 years and David has taken care of the rats and mice in and around our house in the country. We hired David when we saw rats in our garage and within a couple of weeks David had eradicated them. We have not had any since. The mice try to come into our basement each Autumn but since David started setting bait etc, we have had few problems. David has been very good at removing wasps nests from our roof space and the garage. David always comes when he says he will come and is very neat and tidy. We will continue to use his services and would recommend him to anyone with pest problems.”

– Ian Begg, Kinellar

Call out Minus Pest Control to deal with any pest problems at your property.


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Mice and rat problems can be dealt with by Minus Pest Control.  A survey of the property will be carried out, following which, the most effective and safest method of treatment will be chosen.  Regular visits to check property for rodent activity can also be arranged if required.  We can also carry out a set number of visits over winter to monitor and control rodent activity.  This is a very popular service with owners of properties prone to regular rodent infestations.



Treatment of wasps nests can be carried out by Minus Pest Control.  Eradication of wasps nests is one hundred percent guaranteed.  A site survey will be carried out then the most effective and safest method will be chosen.


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Ant treatments, cockroach treatments and bedbug treatments can all be carried out by Minus Pest Control.

Please contact Minus Pest Control to discuss treatment of any insect activity at your property


European Mole, Talpa europaea, against white background

A problem for many home owners is mole activity in garden areas. Minus Pest Control use the traditional trapping method to remove moles from your property.